Saturday, December 12, 2009

I am not Russian, but still

When I read a book for leisure I have found that my annotations are really really stupid. You would think that someone who loves to annotate and find insight in novels would do so even when it isn't an assignment. I even thought I did at one point. But in reality I let my emotions freak out when I read for fun. I just underline things and write things like "Me too!" "I hate that" "I know!" and "Ew" in the margins. I am sorry.

Besides this, during my reading I have found myself identifying with many characters and statements in the story. I think that this happens with most all good books, you feel like they put your feelings and situations into words that you could never find.

"Every one, knowing intimately all the complexities of his own circumstances, involuntarily assumes that these complexities and the difficulty of clearing them up are peculiar to his own personal condition, and never thinks that others are surrounded by similar complexities."

I guess that is why .

Friday, December 4, 2009


" 'The aim of civilization is to enable us to get enjoyment out of everything.'
'Well, if that is its aim, I'd rather be a savage.' "

I will elaborate on what I think about this later, it is late. For now, I will say that I agree with the second statement.