Monday, May 9, 2011

My update

I'm mostly just too tired to write interesting thinking things, and I guess enough has happened lately to merit an update.

New Job:
I've been working the last couple of weeks at my new job as a kindergarten teacher's aide. Yup, I'm with those kids all day everyday. I'm also surprised at how much I really like it. Except for when the naughty kid peed under the lunch tables that one time. On purpose. Frills, just whipped it out and peed.

New roommate:
Natty moved back to North Ogden. I miss her a lot. I also realized how much of my day to day revolved around our friendship, in a good way. Anyway, the new roommate's name is Natalie, too. I know, gasp. She is really nice and our schedules work well together. You know, get up at the same time, similar bed times and stuff so it all runs well. I also don't think I've freaked her out yet or anything, so, go me.

New Plans:
This is the one I'm most excited about. Ok, this is not new to me, and some others, but it's new to blog land, and there are still a lot of people who don't know yet, but........ I'm going on a mission. The last few weeks have been full of doctor and dentist appointments, which I passed, whoo. So, the papers should be in within two weeks. I also finally told my mom, that's another discussion entirely. Regardless, I'm happy, so so happy.