Thursday, August 4, 2011

OH YA AND.........


Bangkok, Thailand

Report to MTC November 2nd

Yes, I'm freaking out in every way possible. I love it.

serious need of an update

Let's do this List Style:

Going to DC/ Virginia - Seeing two shows, seeing the monuments, Andrea's house, Fourth of July and fireworks. The Hepfinger family is lovely.

Natalie's marriage to Jonny Pants (if I can even say that)- I love them both so much, good thing they are wed.

Harry Potter!!!! - At 3 AM, dressing up. Wands. Super awesome.

Whitman Family reunion in Park City- bananagrams, puzzles, so much food, alpine slide and getting hailed on on the lift, cousins, baptisms at Salt Lake temple.

PJ starting BYUH- that fool be goin to college.

The Twilight Concert Series- Seeing the Decemberists was life fulfilling. Truly.

My 23rd Birthday- I'm 23. 

Going to the temple- The church is true and I love it. Eliza is a wonderful friend and mother, I was so glad to have her with me that day. I'm also glad that Natalie was there with me as well. 

Moving out of Provo- finally I am officially not a Provo resident. It only took me five years. I already miss living with Andrea. 

Washington State- seeing my Grandparents Guildner and eating cookies.