Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If you don't hear from me...

Hey world,
I'm not dead. It's just that Nat and I brought the Nintendo 64 up into our bedroom. Tetris and Super Mario Cart are the best things evah. So, I'll be busy for a while, um, reading Shakespeare and Joyce. Ya, that's it.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

So true

From: "The Royal Tenenbaums"

"When you cheat, you don't win. And when you lose, you don't win."
- one of the kindergardeners I subbed

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday lessons


 Some days, although we cannot pray, a prayer
 utters itself. So, a woman will lift
 her head from the sieve of her hands and stare
 at the minims sung by a tree, a sudden gift.

 Some nights, although we are faithless, the truth
 enters our hearts, that small familiar pain;
 then a man will stand stock-still, hearing his youth
 in the distant Latin chanting of a train.

 Pray for us now. Grade 1 piano scales
 console the lodger looking out across
 a Midlands town. Then dusk, and someone calls
 a child's name as though they named their loss.

 Darkness outside. Inside, the radio's prayer -
 Rockall. Malin. Dogger. Finisterre.

- Carol Ann Duffy

I can't stop this urgent feeling that there is a lot of good left in me to do.
I used to find this feeling scary. I'm glad that I have grown to find it exciting and hopeful.
Because there really is so much to do.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Freely Speaking

I was asking for a phone number from my mom. She said she would text it to me. It is kind of an important situation and I needed the number.
Five minutes later I received a text from mom.
Oh, the number, I thought to myself.
A picture of her dog, wearing a floral dress, poised on a quilted bed with lace curtains in the background.

Me: That's not the phone number.
Mom: Ops (she means oops)
Me: Ya, so can you please give me the number now?
Mom: Next time.
Me: Ok, but soon please.
Mom: I love you.
Me: I love you too mom.
Mom: I think my dog is having a baby.
Me: Oh, what an adventure.
Mom: Thats nothing comparing to others advtr. Baby (her dog's name) is sweet girl i mean dog

Anyone else frustrated? I AM. I'm also laughing.

So, after hours of no other contact, I call her and leave a message to please give me the number.
She calls me back later.
Me: Hey, can I have the number now? Or ever?
Mom: You need to grow up and do something. You let the legal system just run your family's life. They just do what they want to and you let them. Why don't you ever do anything to fix this?!
Me: That's why I'm asking you for this number, to do something.
Mom: You know, you have freedom of speech! Do you know what that is?
Me: Yes, I've heard of it.
Mom: We live in America. You need to use your freedom of speech. And you aren't doing anything. You like the legal, huh.
Me: (as confused as you are at this moment) Ok then, tell me, exactly, what is it that you want me to do.
Mom: People in the legal, they think they can do whatever they want to us. They are bad. Use your freedom of speech. Grow up. You need to now these things. Grow up.
Me: Yes, ok. So, tell me specifically what you would like me to do, since I apparently don't do anything. Please, just tell me and I'll do it.
Mom: You aren't ready.

Then she hung up.

Again, so frustrated that I'm laughing.
Hey legal system, I have someone that I would like to take off the "Can use freedom of speech" list. Oh, that doesn't exist? Fine, I'm going to use my American ness rights to make my own list. And it will affect things to no end. Because I'm a grown up. Down with the legal!

And I still don't have that number.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Well Hey

My brain tends to work this way, which is why sometimes people will be wondering why I'm laughing to myself. I'm not crazy, it's just that sometimes YOU say things that can be thought of in a crazy way. So, not my fault.

My life right now:
I'm trying to eat healthy. I even learned to cook a spicy coconut chicken. That's right. COOK. And it was awesome.
I'm getting a lot of work, which I am very thankful for.
I'm not sick anymore, yay!
Natty and I are currently watching "Playful Kiss", yes, a korean drama.

That's about it. I'll try to be more exciting this week.