Tuesday, September 6, 2011


At the moment I would love many pitchers of Diet Coke. Alas.

This is DC yo.
WW II memorial.
Washington Monument

Washington Emy

DC duckies

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Kinda sad that the pool was being worked on while I was there.
Lincoln Memorial
Abe stepping on my head.

Korean War Memorial

I feel a tiny bit ashamed that I got a Kpop song stuck in my head when I came here.

I'm sorry DC, for being spazzy.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Independence Hall. They were working on some stuff as you can see.

We didn't want to stand in the crazy long line. I have faith that it is really there.
Bridges in Phill eh. 
DC temple

4th of July makes us weird and blurry. 

Natty and Jonny got married. I guess they are pretty cool.

Brenty and I decided to get married too.

Fave. Cuz of the cuteness. 

I think that maybe wind confuses us. 

Being asian.


My cousin Grace and me picnicking before the concert.

Decemberists at the Twilight concert series.

Grace and me.  
At Ikea 

Stayed a weekend on "The Encore" with my Gramps and cousin.  
Jaelene and me. One of the San Juan Islands that we stopped at.

Uncles and Aunt playn pool. That game got freakn crazy.

I got to be with my mom again. 

Fam fam 
I got a whole lotta cousins. 

And we are all cool. 

Left: Pha La, my mom's older sister. Right: my momma
I am very blessed to have good friends and so much family. And blessed to travel to spend time with them all. 

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